Wooden Bowls, Platters and Tapas/Sharing Boards made from beautiful Western Australian timber.

Each piece of timber has something wonderful hidden within that when turned into a bowl or a platter emerge as a  beautiful piece of art.  

Many bowls, platters and tapas/sharing boards are of similar shape and size but each has a unique grain that makes it beautifully individual.  Others are "One-Off" pieces that are breathtaking in their uniqueness. 

Pieces shown in our "Classic" Section are products which are available for purchase immediately or similar bowls can be crafted in other timbers .
Pieces in our "Designer" Section are "One Off" items, some of which have already been sold and others which can only be purchased "as shown". Similar pieces of these items can be crafted on request, and a "Price Guidance" is an indicator only, however pieces will not be identical to those shown. 
Bowls designed as "Salad bowls" are sealed in edible oil and are truly functional and can be used for salads and cut fruit.
Bowls and platters designed as "Decorator" items are finished in wax and are suitable as fruit bowls and platters for uncut fruit only. 

The pieces in the Custom Made section are to display what can be achieved as a custom made order to inspire you.