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Please note that the delivery services that we use tend to deliver during the working day. Please supply a work address if it is unlikely that anyone will be at the delivery premises to sign for your order.

While delivery times may vary, goods will normally be delivered within the specified timeframe for the method of delivery. In spite of all our efforts, there can sometimes be unforeseen delays in delivery. If you believe the delivery is severely overdue, please send us an email or telephone us so we can take appropriate action. 


All Australian orders are delivered via Australia Post or courier and all shipments are identified with a unique Tracking Number or consignement note number. If you have not received your order within the timeframe we have specified in our delivery section, please notify Woods of the West and we will attempt to track your order.


If your product becomes defective within its return-or-exchange warranty period, if any, you may return it for a refund, if applicable, or an immediate replacement. Non-defective returns, if allowed, must be made within the return-or-exchange warranty period. Non-defective returns are subject to a restocking fees of 15%. No product may be returned after 30 days from purchase date. If your product becomes defective after the return-or-exchange warranty period, but within the manufacturer warranty period, if any, you may return it to Woods of the West™ for replacement. Replacements may take up to 12 weeks.

Before returning any item, you must contact us at lesrowe@woodsofthewest.com.au within the return-or-exchange warranty period. 

The following information is required:

  • Woods of the West™ Invoice number on which product was purchased.

  • Woods of the West™ Description of product.

  • Reason for return of product.

  • Address where replacement product is to be shipped.

  • Telephone number where you may be reached.

  • Your Email address.

Please read the following regarding our Returns policy and procedures:

  • Woods of the West™ will NOT accept any return without prior contact and approval to return.

  • Requests for a return must be made within the individual warranty periods, if any, of the product.

  • Please allow at least 48 hours for a response to be issued.

  • Product(s) must be shipped back to Woods of the West™ before the warranty expires.

  • All items must be in original condition.

  • If part of a product becomes defective, the full product must be returned for credit or replacement.

  • Returns must be sent via Express Post or any courier that issues a tracking number.

  • Please include a copy of your details with your shipment.

  • Customer will prepay all shipping and handling charges when sending product(s) back to Woods of the West™. Woods of the West™ will cover shipping and handling charges when sending replacement item(s) to customer.

  • Non-defective items, if returnable for refund or credit, will be charged a restocking fee of 15%. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for credit.

  • For replacements, once the original item(s) are received, the replacement order will be processed.


Unless otherwise set forth in the applicable purchase agreement, Woods of the West warrants to the original purchaser that the item shall be without defect for the life of the item subject to the following conditions:

  • Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the itemt. Warranty does not pass to subsequent owners if the item is resold, stolen, donated or given to anyone other than the original purchaser.

  • Warranty is invalidated if, in the opinion of Woods of the West, the item has been misused, abused, modified or improperly maintained.

  • Each item must be reoiled or waxed with an appropriate product at least every 6 months.

  • The Woods of the West Warranty does not apply if the item has been repaired or modified by someone other than Les Rowe.

  • The Woods of the West Warranty does not survive past the end-of the life of Woods of the West.

Other than as set forth above, all Woods of the West products are subject to a standard 1 year warranty.


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