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Woody Pear

Xylomelum occidentale

Family - Protaeceae

The woody pear is a slow growing small tree to large shrub which grows to a height of about 8 metres.  It is often a straggly tree with bright green foliage and brown, flaky, fibrous bark.

The tree’s distinctive feature is its enormous pear shaped fruits.  These are woody and have a velvety texture.  They take several years o mature and may retain on the tree for many years until stimulated to open and release their seeds by fire or drying.  The seed spin like propellers as they fall to the ground. 

Other names for this tree include – Forest Pear, djandjin, danja and also nicknamed red sheoak due to the grain in the timber being very similar to Sheoak.

The species is scattered through banksia or jarrah-marri woodlands on sandy or sandy-gravely soils.  Woody pear grows from Perth to Augusta to Manjimup.

This product is finished using a scented wax wood polish produced by Tinderbox, Balingup, Western Australia.  The wax can be purchased through the Tinderbox web site.  This wax is non-toxic, nourishing and protective.  The produce may be cared for by periodically applying a bees wax based wax and buffing with a soft cloth.

Timber used in this product has been sourced from the forest floor from windfall logs, bush fire or necessary clearing such as fire breaks.